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Family Homeschool Happiness Doesn't Happen, You Create It!

Homeschooling it tough. You may feel like you are failing your kiddo, not doing things the "right" way, or losing connection. It is magnified when your kiddo, or you and your kiddo, have ADHD or other neurodivergent personalities. (I hate saying disorder because who's to say what is the true "right" and "normal"?)
Homeschool parents/teacher are truly investing in their ADHD or neurodivergent kiddo. I'm here to help you put things into real-world perspective without sacrificing the educational excellence that ADHD brings to a learning environment. 

Here’s Support You'll Get


Homeschooling can feel mentally exhausting. When you have an ADHD or neurodivergent kiddo, it can really feel like an uphill battle. It helps having a community of compassionate people in the exact same place as you and others that have passed this part of the ADHD battle to enjoy the amazingness.



Sometimes we are too close to the situation and miss out on the beautiful parts. You know the saying, "Can't see the forest for the trees." As an ADHD adult, I'm always struggling with this. I get so wrapped up in making every tiny thing perfect, and then, get so discouraged when it's not "just right" when I complete whatever it is I'm doing. I'm in my forties. Think about how challenging it is for our ADHD kiddos. When you create the best structure that works for you and your kiddo, life gets easier. Not perfect. Easier.


Empowerment is what we all need as parents and teachers, regardless of differences. I'll help you feel encouraged, so YOU can feel like "you got this" because you do! You know your kiddo best. That means YOU are the perfect person to help them in academics and real-world situations.


See what others have to say:

Debra always brings me back to my center after working with her. She offers guidance and support, but she never trying to take over. She really just helps me, so I feel more confident

Light Up Literature Curriculum really changed the way we homeschool. I have an ADHD son, and Debra Shepherd works so great with him. Plus, she helps me understand what I need to do to help him outside of their classes.

Enjoy your ADHD or Neurodivergent Homeschool!

You got this, and I'll be here to support you as well as the rest of the community!
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